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My Story
I initially became a vegetarian not because of animal rights or for health issues, I did it to support my sister in her desire to live a vegetarian lifestyle.  She was eating what I considered to be rabbit food, while I feasted on rare steak. She never said a word, but the look on her face said it all.   

It was midnight January 1, 1991 when I ate my last steak and decided to join her on her vegetarian venture. And what a wonderful journey it turned out to be. As a chef I was already an advocate of nutritionally sound food .I found it stimulating and challenging to create delicious vegetarian dishes which offered great variety beyond her boring salads, rice and bean dishes.  She never knew until then that there was truly a" Vegetarian Heaven ".
Instead of our traditional New Year’s Dinner, we had our first delectable family vegan New Years Dinner.  The meal was enjoyed by all and the absence of meat was not an issue.

I followed a vegan diet for three years, but I still craved my chocolate cake, pizza and mac & cheese so I invited those items back into my life. Today, I vacillate between vegan, vegetarian and a raw food lifestyle. This enables me to indulge and enjoy healthy foods with a variety of choices. It’s like having the best of three worlds; all the finer foods in life. As a results of my healthy indulgence I created this blog for vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians and other health conscience eaters who want more for dinner than salads and tofu. 
So for 2012 let's all eat well!

Soulfully Yours,

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Note: I have taken the position that liquid smoke is not vegan.  When I want the smoked taste added to a dish, I will occasionally grill onions, peppers, garlic etc. on a charcoal grill.  I then puree them in soups and beans or slice/dice them in vegetables to get the desired flavor.